ITC Requirement - International Transfer Clearance Questionnaire

ITC Requirement Complete the One U.S. Soccer/FIFA requirement

This U.S. Soccer/FIFA requirement is a player requirement for all players and will be a roster requirement for the 2023-2024 season.

Follow these directions below:

First, log back into your parent profile in GotSport at  (If you are completing this from your phone, hold your phone horizontally.)

Select “FAMILY”

Select your child/player’s name

Select “DASHBOARD”   (if you are using your phone this will be under the menu bar on the right (three lines))

Select “MORE INFO/DETAILS” beside the Player Compliance requirement labeled International Transfer Clearance (ITC) Questionnaire.  (if you are using your phone, scroll all the way to the right for that Details text link).

Complete the Questionnaire. Read the questions carefully and reply correctly to ensure there is no delay in the approval process.  

This task will only need to be completed ONE time and will stay with your child/player through the years as we continue using GotSport as our carding/rostering platform.


***If your child was NOT born in the United States and has played for a soccer club outside of the United States, please email with your child's name and birth date. HVAA will provide you with next steps regarding additional required approvals.***

Have questions about the ITC process? Click here for more information.

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